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August Elizabeth is a small brand from the Netherlands based in Utrecht.
The face behind the brand is Rose Blokhuis, born in 1986. In the east of Holland in a small village, Rose grew up surrounded by nature and close family connections. Those two values showed to be of importance, looking back from where we are now.

When she was thirteen, her family started a journey, which was a turning point in her life. For years they wandered and lived in Australia and Asia, and it is there, she started to learn about different cultures, their beliefs and with that also the jewelry and symbolic meanings of them.

Around her 18th, she was back in The Netherlands and after finishing a degree as social worker she started mastering product design in Arnhem, and developed further at the goldsmith institute of Zadkine based in Schoonhoven.

August Elizabeths jewelry pieces have a craftsmanship-meets-design aesthetic, featuring a sustainable blend of materials. Every piece arises from a creative journey that might have started with a family heirloom, or a colliding enrapturement with nature, which is her all-round year muse and love.

Her choices are never coincidental, they illustrate her wish to combine sustainable and pure materials where possible. To minimalize the impact we have on nature, and so we can show the next generations, the treasures from our time, and inspire them with the tales we have lived.

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August Elizabeth
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