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Besides making collections, a favorite part of my work is making unique pieces for customers. Jewelry for me, is a way to mark a special occasion and I love the way how jewelry embodies emotional value. It’s why I chose to be a goldsmith.

Custom made pieces are pieces that I make on request for my clients. Sometimes we use their own old jewellery (that most of the time has been lying in a jewelry box waiting for the client to please wear them again) and together in a very personal and fun process we design a unique piece.

On this page, I will keep you posted on the projects I have, next to the collections. Get inspired by these creations and perhaps we can design a unique piece for yourself. If you want to know more you can always send an e-mail to info@august-elizabeth.com

We offer a pierce on appointment service. For people who like to take the time to have their ears pierced, or have fears. Take note that it’s only for the lower part of the ear, which is done with a piercing gun. Please mail us at info@august-elizabeth.com to make an appointment.

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